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Your address book –
always up-to-date

Exchange your contact data with others and keep your address book always up-to-date. Sign up for the Hyphe Beta now! Soon available as an iOS and Android app.

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How does Hyphe work?

Two connected circles – exchange with others

Exchange contact information with others

Cards with updated information

Update your data

Network between you and your contacs - keep your address book always up-to-date

Your contacts receive updates automatically


  • circle shaped arrow and a checkmark in the middle

    Always Up-to-date

    When someone in your contact list updates his or her information you will receive it directly.

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  • radar waves

    Easy Contact Exchange

    With the Hyphe Radar you see face-to-face contacts and can exchange contact information directly.

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  • fingerprint

    Custom Assignment

    You can assign every single information individually – and also withdraw access rights anytime.

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  • closed lock


    We encrypt every data communication. This way third parties can't grab your transmitted data.

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  • atom

    Platform Independence

    Hyphe will be available on many platforms. Accessable via web, as iOS or Android app.

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  • Brandenburger Tor in Berlin, Germany

    Located in Germany

    Our servers are hosted in Germany. This way the german privacy law applies.

Always up-to-date

Easily exchange your contact information with others. If a contact changes its phone number or other information, the address books of all your devices that use Hyphe will immediately be updated. Your address book is always up-to-date!

You have full control over your data! You can grant or withdraw access of single contact information like your private address to individual contacts anytime. This way your contacts see, what you want them to see. Your data is confidential and we treat it that way! Our servers are hosted in Germany and we encrypt all our data communication with HTTPS.

Screenshots of the Hyphe web app

A small glimse in the Future

Hyphe Radar lets you see Hyphe users that are next to you face-to-face. Exchanging contacts is just a tap away.

Organize yourself with others through Groups. Group members automatically receive the contact information you have assigned to the group. This way you don't have to exchange with every group member seperately.

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screenshot of Hyphe Radar - exchange contacts on the spot screenshot of group feature - keep your adressbook up-to-date without adding everyone by yourself

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On our blog you can read about our newest achievements with the Hyphe app, design and software development.

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